To understand the needs of today’s students, go straight to the source.

Many strive for a better future while juggling the challenges of raising families and working full-time jobs. By seeking first to understanding the full picture of our students’ lives, we can better design supports to meet their needs. If we start every day with empathy, new solutions will always be grounded in the needs and voices of today’s students.

Expect to see new vehicles for building student empathy and harnessing student voice in 2019.

While every student journey is unique, Lakeland students face a series of common experiences and stumbling blocks.

Missed the exhibit?
Download and print the Lakeland Student Journey.

How might we strengthen student voice to design student support?

Starter ideas:
+ Engage students as “secret shoppers” to give feedback about different experiences on campus
+ Hire a student intern whose role is to coordinate student support
+ Give students a quick satisfaction survey after they seek support to see if they got the help they needed