To try something new, find a meaningful starting point.

These defining points are referred to as “Moments that Matter”. These moments are ripe for experimentation for new student-friendly processes, rituals, programs, communications, roles, spaces, or events. If we get these moments right, students’ chances of meeting their goals will increase.

Expect to see experiments around these moments in 2019.

From the moment students are admitted, they face several decision points that can make or break their college success.

Looking for a place to start? Download the Lakeland Moments that Matter.

How might we test new ideas for moments that matter?Add your idea.

Starter ideas:
+ Add a job shadowing requirement to FYEX
+ Create a wellness room where students can destress - no electronics, just relax and unwind
+ Assign new incoming students one go-to person for any issue they may have, and that person can connect them to the resources they need