To help one student succeed, it takes a community.

How we work together directly affects how supported students feel. Regardless of function or role, together we create a culture of belonging. We want people to be welcomed to campus with a simple word that goes back to our roots: YES. By embracing the mindset of YES, we are committing to collaboration and breaking down the silos that get in our way.

Expect to see celebration of the YES mindset on campus in 2019.

As more students with diverse needs step onto Lakeland’s campus, everyone has a role to play in student support.

What will you say YES to? Download the Lakeland YES mindset.

How might we foster a YES mindset? Add your idea.

Starter ideas:
+ Share and celebrate stories of “YES” in action at town halls
+ Create a wall in HIVE where people can share something they’ve said “YES” to
+ Allow students to nominate employees who embody “YES” for rewards